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Episode 3: Filipa Calado

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Digital Fellows Di Yoong and Nicole Cote talk to GC PhD candidate Filipa Calado about her digital dissertation project, experiences in building out this work, and resources and tips for creating these projects at the GC.

**Recording and transcript coming soon**

Filipa Calado is PhD Candidate at the GC and a GCDI Advising Fellow.

  1. Filipa stresses the importance of community in producing digital work and learning skills. Indeed, that these kinds of projects can facilitate different, perhaps even more community minded, relations amongst academic peers. A reminder that we have outlined a few places to find like minded scholars elsewhere in this guide.
  2. Digital dissertations can challenge traditional academic experiences, understandings of scholarly production, and raise new ways of engaging your research topic.
  3. It is important to consider how a wide range of potential users (the public, scholars, & etc) will find and engage with your digital work–as well as how it will ultimately be communicated to them.
  1. Graduate Center Digital Initatives (GCDI)
  2. The GCDI Digital Fellows
  3. GitHub repositories for storing code files and version control