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Episode 2: GC Librarians

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Digital Fellows Di Yoong, Nicole Cote, and Zach Lloyd talk to GC librarians Roxanne Shirazi and Stephen Zweibel about planning, organizing, and submitting digital dissertations per GC requirements.

**Recording and transcript coming soon**

Roxanne Shirazi is the Dissertation Research Librarian at the GC’s Mina Rees Library. Connect with Roxanne here.

Stephen Zweibel is the Digital Scholarship Librarian at the GC’s Mina Rees Library. Connect with Stephen here.

  1. Meet with Stephen and/or Roxanne early on in the digital dissertation process! They have a wealth of information on this topic, are keenly aware of other related projects, and can advise on documentation and submission requirements–as well as recommend software, relevant tools, and other choices like how your project will be archived and accessible 10 years down the road.
  2. Scoping your work is essential (and something Stephen in particular can help with!). It’s easy to accidentally take on too large of a project or not know when/where to stop.
  3. It’s valuable to get multiple perspectives for this kind of work and make use of your resources–and the GC library has various options here. First, look at other dissertation projects (the library has these documented!), review the research guides they have curated, and also talk to your own department’s librarian as well.
    1. Dissertations and Theses page on the Mina Rees Library website
    2. Mina Rees Library workshops
    3. GC Guide to Depositing and Documenting Digital Dissertations