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Erin Rose Glass, #SocialDiss and Social Paper

Project Site

#SocialDiss and Social Paper

Summary From Dissertation Abstract

“The genesis of this dissertation, as well as the production, revision, and dissemination of its drafts, were generated as part of two digital projects, Social Paper and #SocialDiss, each of which attempted in their own small way to resist the invisible discipline and the ways that conventional academic technology practices structure intellectual work. The goal of this dissertation and its related digital projects is thus to help shine light on the exciting intellectual and political potential of democratizing software development and governance in and through educational institutions.” 

Items Included in Formal Submission 

PDF of dissertation with project descriptions and samples included as appendices  

Digital Component/Project Type

Accompanying project and app that builds through the ideas raised in the dissertation 

CUNY Academic Works 

Glass, Erin R., “Software of the Oppressed: Reprogramming the Invisible Discipline” (2018). CUNY Academic Works. https://academicworks.cuny.edu/gc_etds/2889

Miscellaneous Materials