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Anna Williams, My Gothic Dissertation

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My Gothic Dissertation

Summary From Dissertation Abstract

“I have produced My Gothic Dissertation in a nontraditional format—the podcast. Mixing voice, music, and sound, I dramatize scenes from the novels and incorporate analysis through my narration. The real-life “Grad School Gothic” stories are drawn from personal interviews. Much of the science of learning is drawn from personal interviews with researchers as well, though some material comes from recorded presentations that have been posted to public, online venues such as YouTube. The creative/journalistic style of reporting is heavily influenced by programs such as This American Life, Invisibilia, and Serial, with the dual aims of engaging a broad audience and expanding our modes of scholarly communication beyond the page.”

Items Included in Formal Submission 

PDF thesis which is the narrative script of the podcast episodes (intro, 4 chapters, and a conclusion/reflection track)

Digital Component/Project Type

The main component of the dissertation is this podcast

Link to Dissertation Materials 

Official University of Iowa repository for dissertation deposit 

Miscellaneous Materials 

Williams, Anna. “Dissertation Innovations: A Podcast Dissertation,” MLA Profession.